A tandem flight from the local mountain of Bressanone – the Plose – begins with the ascent to the launch site at an altitude of around 2,050 meters
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Tandem flight
A tandem flight with a paraglider is a truly unforgettable adventure set in the mountains of South Tyrol.

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Paragliding in South Tyrol – The dream of flying

Make your personal dream of flying come true, and admire the extraordinary mountains of South Tyrol from an aerial perspective during a tandem flight with a paraglider. The Paragliding Tandem Team Südtirol in Bressanone organizes passenger flights with a paraglider, starting from the local mountain of Bressanone, the Plose. Be amazed by the stunning vista of mighty mountain peaks and green pastures, and enjoy the overwhelming experience of weightlessness during a 20-30 minute tandem flight. You will be accompanied by a trained pilot, who thoroughly knows the thermals at Mount Plose and takes control during the flight.Paragliding in South Tyrol – The dream of flying

Paragliding in South Tyrol without prior experience

Paragliding in South Tyrol requires no prior experience and is an extraordinary adventure for young and old. Equipped with sturdy shoes and warm clothing, you will head out for an exciting journey. A helmet will be provided by our team; after a short introduction and a try-out of the seat, the tandem flight will set off in one of the three starting locations on Mount Plose. Upon request, you will receive souvenir photos and a video of your first flight with a paraglider. The landing sites are located in the Isarco Valley, close to the valley station in the borough of S. Andrea/Bressanone. Tandem flights with a paraglider on Mount Plose are not limited to the summer season. We offer this unforgettable flight experience in the South Tyrolean Isarco Valley all year round.Paragliding in South Tyrol without prior experience

Give away adventures: gift vouchers for a paraglider tandem flight

Flying like a bird, gently gliding under the blue canopy of heaven – it’s the dream of many people. With a gift voucher for a tandem flight with a paraglider, you can make this dream come true for your friends, acquaintances or relatives. With this extraordinary surprise you will give away a spectacular adventure in the mountains of South Tyrol. A passenger flight with a paraglider will surely turn into a joyful and long-lasting memory – from the initial adrenaline kick at the moment of lift-off until the safe landing on a meadow in the valley.